Cello Café

Next Cello Café: Sunday April 24, 2-16 – 12pm – Fromagerie Elgin, 5 Cedar Street (entrance on Elgin), Sudbury ON

Prochain Cello Café: Dimanche 24 avril 2016 – 12h – La Fromagerie Elgin, 5 rue Cedar (l’entrée sur rue Elgin), Sudbury ON

Cello Café is open to cellist of all ages and levels! You can expect to see amateur cellists young and old performing in a relaxed “café” environment. Every Cello Café is different, as performers try out new repertoire or bring out old favourites. This is a wonderful opportunity to share in live music. Kids are welcome.

If you are a cellist interested in performing, contact me: [email protected]

The Philosophy…

After witnessing years of cello students performing only twice a year, I thought to myself, there must be another way. I knew that in order to become comfortable performing, it takes practice; one must perform often in order to master this unique skill. And so, I initiated a new performance programme: The Cello Café.

Rather than waiting months for a “Christmas recital” and a “year-end recital”, the Cello Café occurs more frequently – around once a month. This way, cellists new to performing can experience the act of performing more often and in a safe environment. Cellists can play as often as they like, and are encouraged to attend to support their peers.

The Cello Café is a more casual atmosphere than a formal recital. Instead of rows of chairs and a stage, the Cello Café will take place in non-traditional venues where performer and listener can feel more relaxed and at ease. Cellists can play their solo pieces, or we might stir things up with duets, trios, and other ensembles. Ideally, cellists will leave with a three tiered experience: they will have performed for their peers, with their peers, and also been an audience member. Being able to experience the act of performing from many points of view will help to diffuse the mystery of public performance, and aid in the journey to becoming a performer.

Le Café Cello est une initiative que j’ai débuté pour mes étudiants afin de leur permettre de se produire en public. Cela permet à des violoncellistes de tout âge et tout niveau de partager leur musique dans un environnement ouvert et convivial. À la place d’une scène vide et de rangées d’auditeurs, le Café Cello est un endroit décontracté où l’on partage la musique. Ce n’est pas un concert formel; interprètes et auditeurs sont invités à se sentir comme à la maison. Les violoncellistes peuvent interpréter des pièces en solo, en duos, en trios, voire même avec d’autres formations.

Les auditeurs profitent de la variété de musique pour violoncelle tout en dégustant les délicieux hors d’oeuvres de la Fromagerie Elgin.

Si vous êtes violoncelliste et que vous souhaitez vous produire, contactez-moi, Alexandra Lee: [email protected]