Lullabies for Felix & Henry

Inspired by my nephews, I have started a collection of my favourite lullabies. I recorded four lullabies for Felix and Henry for their first Christmas. I had such a great time doing it, I am continuing the project! The end goal is to create a full album of lullabies. All the arrangements I have done myself, with a little help from my friends. Each lullaby so far has a connection with my personal life, through my own family or through my friends.

My search for more lullabies continues, and I will keep you posted as this project develops…

LISTEN: Cossack Lullaby (with J. Dorland)  – This lullaby was sung to me by my mother. It’s a beautifully haunting melody, and brings back a feeling of love and home. When I did more research on this one, it turns out that (like a surprising number of lullabies) the lyrics are not as calm as one would expect! This one talks a lot about possible dangers that the baby may face on the road to becoming a Cossack warrior like his father… but hush now baby, time for sleep.