Alexandra Lee has over a dozen years teaching experience in her field. She has taught students from age 4 to retirement age, and from beginner to post-secondary level. Preparing students for Royal Conservatory Exams, Kiwanis competitions, and auditions is a familiar aspect of her work as a teacher. In addition to private teaching, she has conducted masterclasses in both solo and chamber music. She has founded adult cello ensembles, designed to connect adult amateur cello players with the joy of playing with other musicians. She has taught group lessons to children between the ages of 6 to 14. Through her own training and personal experienced she has developed her own teaching philosophy.

“When I first started on the cello, I was mainly self-taught. After a few years of making do with my own musical resources, I sought out a private teacher. As with most self-taught musicians, I had developed many bad habits, however through rigorous training with my (very patient) teacher, I was able to overcome them. From this initial experience on my instrument, I know how difficult it can be to undo bad habits. As a result, I try to put great importance on teaching proper technique to all my students. I feel that it is my responsibility to give them the tools they require to be healthy and knowledgeable musicians, and to help them avoid the development of bad habits. In addition to giving my students a solid technical foundation, I believe that it is important to nourish our inner creator; interpreting music, developing a unique musical voice, and even some improvisation are also a part of the learning experience.

“I also understand how performance can be an intimidating prospect to some people. Through my own research and reflection, I have developed many different approaches that can help musicians to overcome their fears, and be comfortable playing for an audience. Though playing your instrument is a skill, performing itself is also a skill; this needs practice and dedication as well. I try to create positive performing spaces that welcome each students’ gift of music.

“It is part of my personal goal to help bring music into people’s lives in a meaningful way – be it on their journey to becoming a professional musician, or bringing music into their personal lives. Either way, I believe in giving an excellent learning experience for every student.”

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